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CE Linux Forum Open Test Lab - Programs


The otl-progs SourceForge project provides access for developers to the programs used with the CE Linux Forum Open Test Lab.

The Open Test Lab (OTL) is under construction currently, but the programs are available now, in order to support experimentation and testing prior to the official creation of the lab.

These programs will provide the supporting software infrastructure for the lab.

For more detailed information about the lab, and the supporting programs for the lab, see: http://tree.celinuxforum.org/CelfPubWiki/OpenTestLab


To obtain the software, please go to the otl-progs project on SourceForge.net.

The OTL is supported by the CE Linux Forum as part of its mission to enhance and promote Linux for use in consumer electronics products.

The lab is not currently operational, but when it is there will be web access to lab operations and test results at: [put link here]

Hosting support for this project is generously provided by SourceForge.net Logo